Kyoshi's Technique of the Week

Technique of the Week (September 5th, 2010)

From Sensei Steve Lott, Midtown Hombu Karate Dojo, NYC, NY

Combinations - Complete EACH Technique

In kata that contain combinations a common error is rushing one technique to get to the next.

The first kata that contains a multiple technique is F2.

Here’s what happens:

The elbow strike has been completed and the student is ready to deliver the down block and punch.

But, in attempting to get to the reverse punch the block is not fully extended. Notice the bent elbow. When moving quickly it is sometimes difficult to see this subtle error. But, this is what it looks like if the technique is captured with a stop action camera.

Here’s the way the block and the elbow should look before the reverse punch.

At the end of F2 the double chest blocks are many times short of the mark.

The student rushes the double chest block - notice how the blocks fall short.

Here’s the way the blocks should look.

Incomplete blocks and punches are often seen in F3 because of its double and triple techniques. In the very first move of the kata the down block is often delivered short of its mark in order to get to the reverse punch.

Here the student is delivering the opening down block but notice the bend in the elbow.

In the triple techniques of F3 the error occurs not only with the down block but with the head block as well.

The head block portion of the triple technique is not only short of the mark – there is no bend in the arm.

Here is the proper position of the head block before the reverse punch is delivered.

All of the above is true for double punches as well. Make sure to extend the first punch all the way before throwing the second.


Steve Lott