Thought For The Week

"Loyalty and Commitment"

By William Kolbert - NiDan Westport Karate Club

I train Shorin Ryu Karate under the direction of Grand Master Ueshiro and under Kyoshi Robert Scaglione. Without the contribution and commitment of these two outstanding karateka I would not have had the privilege of learning karate and traveling the martial path.

All of the Sensei's in our system were brought up through this path. The only way that we can start to repay our debt to Master Ueshiro, Kyoshi, and all of the Sensei's is to follow their leadership and to keep training.

Every class in our system begins and ends with courtesy and respect to the shinden. These are not empty motions, each time a class begins and ends we have an opportunity to show respect, committment, and loyalty to all of the shinden and to everyone on the deck. Make the most of your time on and off the deck; train hard, show proper courtesy and enjoy yourself.

William Kolbert - NiDan Westport Karate Club

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