Kyoshi's Technique of the Week


Technique of the Week (September 21st, 2008)

From Sensei Steve Lott
Ueshiro Shorin-Ryu Midtwon (Hombu) Karate Dojo,


Symmetry and Position of Blocking Arm in Karate

The symmetry and position of the blocking arm in karate remains basically the same in every kata.

This applies to jodan, chudan and gedan blocks. Hanshi Scaglione demonstrates this exact principle in the Kata Guide 2000. Go to the Pinan Yon-Dan and Pinan Godan video to see how these basic blocks keep their symmetry through out the different Kata.

In each case the size and "look" of the low block arm is the same. The angle of the blocking arm does not change just because you are performing a different kata.

In order to see if your blocks are executed properly do the kata so that when you get to these points the mirror is on the side so you can see the size and "look" of the block.


Steve Lott