Kyoshi's Technique of the Week

Technique of the Week (September 27th, 2004)

From Sensei Sal Scaglione, Go-Dan
Ueshiro East Meets West NoVA Karate

Jigotai-Dachi (Wide-open-leg Stance)

A key element of rooting down and developing Soku
(foundation) is the jigotai-dachi. In Karate we train
in this stance from day one and thus begin our basic
understanding of rooting down, attaining foundation,
and soon thereafter, how to move swiftly with this
stance. From Hanshi’s Red Book (pg 77) the stance is
described as having the feet 45 degrees with the
weight equally distributed. The weight is towards the
heels. The upper body is relaxed and square in front.
The jigotai-dachi is also used in the oi-zuki as an
effective offensive weapon. From pg 33 of the Red
Book we see Master Ueshiro demonstrating the oi-zuki
as a way of getting in and under your opponent,
forcefully invading his space and disrupting his
balance. To experience this first-hand, play defense
for a F-3 Bun-kai session. Even when you know the
double oi-zuki is coming, it’s difficult to defend!!!
If executed correctly this double technique resembles
a bullet train. No doubt this is just what Master
Ueshiro had in mind.

In the dojo we often practice our basic techniques
while in jigotai-dachi. By doing this we not only
train the blocks and punches, but we are developing
leg strength and getting the rooting down feeling.
Take this one step further and practice jigo-dachi at
home. When watching TV during commercials, maybe a
video, the halftime show, while brushing your teeth.
Opportunities are plenty to develop a strong stance
and strong body. Challenge yourself to get lower and
stay low longer.

Domo Arigato,
Salvatore Scaglione, Go-Dan
Ueshiro East Meets West NoVA Karate