Kyoshi's Technique of the Week

Technique of the Week (September 27th, 2010)

From Sensei Daniel Gobillot - Shihan, Denshi, Rokudan

Ueshiro Pine Forest Katate
Dojo Northampton MA



Some thoughts on body movement.

When we first begin to learn the techniques of our art, Shorinryu
karate, we sometimes discern the movements as being offensive or
While this is probably true at it's root, practically, that could be
thought a simplistic assumption. We can observe any designated
defensive technique and clearly see how it will protect us and we can
block with it... but look further. For example lets look at jodan uke
our high block. We bring our arms up to cover our head as we sense the
attack and if we are moving back or to the side we may be O.K. for the
moment during this assault. We protect ourself and then attempt to
relocate the attacking force with our blocking movement. This is the
basic defensive block.

Let's turn this scenario around. Don't change anything physically,
change your intention instead. As you bring your arms up to cover your
head THINK of coming up under the chin of your attacker with that fist.
It is really an uppercut type of movement if you're doing it
correctly. Then follow through with the elbow (a perfect weapon) and
use the block to strike his solar plexus or catch his chin to snap his
head back. You may need to adjust ma-ai a little as this puts you
inside his circle for your counter attack. Try leading a little with
the elbow without opening up the ribs for attack. This method of
defense should not be used for yakusoku kumite unless you and your
training partner both agree before hand. Be sure to start out slowly
as this is a brutal method and can easily cause injury to the
inexperienced and sometimes the experienced practitioner as I have
found on the deck.

Practice safely but with intention and keep training.

Domo arigato gozaimasu Hanshi,

Daniel Gobillot - Shihan, Denshi, rokudan - Ueshiro Pine Forest Katate
Dojo Northampton MA