Thought For The Week

"Harmony -- The Secret to Inner Peace"

By Robert Hodes, East Meets West

HARMONY--"H" is for HUMILITY, the state of being humble, not proud nor haughty, not arrogant nor assertive.

HARMONY--"A" is for ACCESSIBILITY, being easy to reach, and having an open mind.

HARMONY--"R" is for RESPECT, always considering one another with the highest regard.

HARMONY--"M" is for MAGNANIMITY, being noble of spirit, and generous of mind, placing others ahead of yourself.

HARMONY--"O" is for ONENESS, remembering that a community is only as strong as it is diverse.

HARMONY--"N" is for NURTURING, knowing that our actions foster growth and encourage development in others.

HARMONY--"Y" is for YOU, and your actions, what you do to preserve HARMONY, or what YOU do to destroy it.

Arigato gozaimasu to all! Robert Hodes

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