Thought For The Week

Thought for the Week (September 29th, 2003)

From Sensei Lorenzo Aguon
Downtown Karate Dojo



This week's technique of the week focuses on "ROOTING" the feet. Before we launch any technique...we look. After we look, we find our foundation, then the technique is done. But for that technique to succesfully land with power and speed, we need to make sure we are properly "rooted" into the deck for 100% balance. In doing so we take a look at a few stances. Shizentai-Dachi: the weight is on the balls of the foot with 50% of the weight distributed evenly to the left and the right foot. Jigotai-Dachi: The feet should be 45 degrees and weight equal on both ends focusing more on the heels. Zenkutsu-Dachi: 70% of the weight is on the front leg and 30% is on the back leg. Keep in mind that the front leg is bent and the knee is over the toes with the back leg straight. Neko Ashi-Dachi: 90% of the weight is in the rear and 10% of the weight is on the front with most of the weight focusing on the rear of the rear foot. This can aid in proper weight distribution to help get fully rooted into the deck. Understanding weight distribution and focusing on balance is key to strong "ROOTS". Let's focus on that for the week in everything we do from warmup exercises to kata. A great and fun exercise to practice this week in class is to have everyone line up on one end of the dojo with feet shoulder width apart. Little by little, use the toes to pull you forward..almost creating an "Inch-worm" effect. Keep using those toes to pull you forward til you reach the other end of the deck. Let's strengthen those toes! They will truly help strengthen our feet...They will truly help strengthen our "ROOTS!

Sensei Lorenzo Aguon
Downtown Karate Dojo