Kyoshi's Technique of the Week

Octoberber 3rd , 2016

This week's thought is from Mr. Ibrahima Jalloh, Sho-dan at the Ueshiro
Midtown Karate Dojo

"Prevent Injury"

Our blocks are strikes that are just as devastating as our punches. They
are there to stop further aggressive behavior from our opponent. If
executed correctly they end the fight immediately. They are the opening
move of almost all our katas, a constant reminder that there is no first
attack in karate. We should therefore be very cautious when we use them
especially when working with our training partners during bunkai and
yakosoku kumite. We are taught to be cautious with our punches and open
hand strikes and we are constantly reminded to make every effort to stop
an inch or two away from the target to prevent injury on the deck. While
we may make contact with an attacking hand or foot to block it from
reaching its target we should do so cautiously so as not to cause injury
to our training partner.

Domo Arigarto Gozaimasu,

Ibrahima Jalloh, Sho-Dan
Ueshiro Midtown Karate Dojo