Kyoshi's Technique of the Week

October 7th 2012

From Sensei Lorenzo AguonUeshiro Hawaii Karate Dojo

Atemi-Waza (Breaking Technique)

SHORIN-RYU Okinawan Karate Question and Answer Book (Red Book) Page 78

Under our Ueshiro Shorin-Ryu Karate U.S.A. Belt System, when a student tests for Green Belt (Yon-Kyu), the general summary of test requirements include the third kata plus basic fighting skills plus simple breaking techniques.

Some key points to remember when first introduced to "Atemi-Waza" are:

1. Focus on breaking through your target. A common mistake is stopping the technique at the point of impact. This can lead to an improper break resulting in injury of the hand or simply not having a successful break. During the 50th anniversary celebration, Hanshi reminded those doing breaks to finish through their bricks almost touching the floor below.

2. Accelerate through your target. A common mistake is a lack of speed or not giving 100% to break through a brick/board. When asked to punch through a piece of paper or a piece of wood, one should treat both the same. In a life or death situation, we accelerate through our opponent with a finishing strike. Strike Fast!

Below is a link to videos of simple board breaks. The files are in the Windows Movie File format (.wmv)
You will see simple breaking techniques using Kentsui-uchi (hammerfist), Chudan-zuki (ChestPunch), and two variations of the Shuto (knife-hand) strike.

As noted by Hanshi, when a Green Belt first attempts a break, we ask the students to use the "SHUTO" hand for breaking. This can be seen in the "Shuto Break 02" video clip.

Domo Arigato and Aloha,
Sensei Lorenzo Aguon
Ueshiro Hawaii Karate Dojo