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Technique of the Week (October 8th, 2007)

From Sensei Dan Gobillot

Northampton Ueshiro Karate Dojo


Neko-ashi-dachi (cat foot stance)

This graceful but powerful technique first appears in the pinan shodan
kata of our Shorin ryu karate style handed down to us by the late Grand
Master Ansei Ueshiro. The stance is used effectively before a foot
strike because the kicking leg bears none of the bodies weight. The
back foot supports 100% of the weight of the body and is positioned at
45 degrees to your opponent. The back weighted foot is flat while the
front foot extends forward with the toe touching the ground. The
intention of that toe is to either launch into a kick or to grab and
pull the body forward in a parrying neko ashi dachi stance. Of course
you can always retreat however do not move straight backwards. In this
stance be aware of your posture. The back is straight the head is
stacked over the tail bone which is directly above that load bearing
foot. Always strike from this position without moving the body and
telegraphing your intention.

Arigato gozaimasu,

Sensei Dan Gobillot

Northampton Ueshiro Karate Dojo