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Mr. Shlomo Dadon, Ni-Dan, Eilat Dojo

As the New York DoJos meet together with the Florida DoJos I too have brought together the DoJos from Tel Aviv to Eilat. On August 8th we came together in Eilat, Israel to make our promotion.  Prior to the day of our promotion we made a workout on the beach. Due to  the intense heat tempertures in Eilat, we began our two-hour workout at   6:00am and another two-hour workout in the evening with Sensei Nir Zamir.

The "promotion" workout was conducted in a Bomb Shelter and the heat reached a high of 120 degrees fahrenheit. The workout beginning at 10:00am and ending at 3:00pm was intense and yet everyone was in great form and spirit. I want to thank Sensei Nir Zamir and Sempai Daniel Karen for their support in participating along with us in Eilat. Domo Arigato. It's very important and useful to the karate to promote brotherhood amongst the students of Shorin-Ryu karate. This practise builds on a on-going friendship and gives our students a family environment. At the beginning of last month, I had a visitor from Florida, Sempai David Tamir and his family. He came to visit us in Eilat and took the   opportunity to workout with us amongst the adults and children. Once again   this action displayed our foundation of brotherhood. I regret he came for   such a short time however I hope he enjoyed his visit. Domo Arigato  Sempai.  

I just want to say that everyone is most welcome to come visit us in Tel Aviv and Eilat and I hope to see everyone in New York this December. Arigato Gozimasu.