Thought For The Week

Thought for the Week (September 16th, 2002)

From Keith Eng, Sho Dan,
Wilton Karate Club Westport

Analyze and Question Your Technique

Constantly Analyze and Question Your Technique!
Shorin-Ryu karate is a traditional martial art that has endured and remained
unchanged throughout centuries of changing environment. It has remained
unchanged as a result of diligence in testing ourselves and our technique.
It is not enough to built muscle memory to a level of mushin (no thought).
It is our, the karateka, responsibility to ensure that we fully understand
the techniques and to pass the knowledge on. We must utilize all resources
including the various books and videos and know them by rote. Then and most
importantly, we should ask questions of our fellow Sempai, Sensei, Kyoshi or
Hanshi. Not only will it enlighten the one inquiring, it will also
challenge those questioned to remain sharp in their understanding of karate.
If we do not continue to pursue excellence, analyze, and question, we will
fail ourselves and the future of karate. If we do not pass on our knowledge
to the future deshi, Shorin-Ryu will either be forgotten or be perverted to
something unrecognizable. To quote Hanshi from the Question and Answer
(Red) Book "The art of karate, like that of architecture or music, is
something that has been created by the efforts of thousands of people over
the course of centuries.
The truth inherent in karate has been made manifest by countless
hours of practice, innumerable repetitions of kata and techniques,
throughout decades and entire lifetimes."(Scaglione, pg 9).

Keith Eng
Sho Dan
AIG Wilton Karate Club