Kyoshi's Technique of the Week

Technique of the Week (October 21st, 2006)

From Sensei Teresa Knight, Director, Centreville Virginia Karate Club
Ueshiro Shorin-Ryu Karate USA


Straight Wrist

Hanshi has provided us excellent guidance on maintaining a straight wrist in the past and with his permission I would like to repost his October 6, 1997 technique on the subject. It is an area where we could all use improvement.

“Straight Wrist- while delivering a punch or block it is imperative to
maintain a straight wrist throughout the entire range of the technique.
Chamber (wind up) do not bend or contort the wrist, travel towards the target and experience the impact of the contact successfully with maximum force accomplished by the proper alignment of the hand, wrist and arm throughout. Common error is (i.e. shuto chambering for chu-dan-shuto-uke) the wrist bends, is weakened drastically, and straightens to its proper position on or after contact, which may be in the middle of the range of motion. Error is also seen in the travel of the punch towards the target with the fist hanging limply on the arm and adjusting (straight wrist) after contact. Use the mirror and also observe other deshi for examples. Know what to do and do it. Dwell on the positive (correct alignment). Babe Ruth was the Homerun King and also the strike out king. We are not perfect every time as evidenced by our occasional mistakes. We are perfect at times, strive for perfection every time in every move of every kata you execute. Arigato, Hanshi.”


Sensei Teresa Knight