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Technique of the Week (October 21st, 2007)

From Sensei Lorenzo Aguon

Ueshiro Hawaii Karate Dojo


Breathing and Endurance

We have all heard it many times. "Breathe in on Blocks. Exhale on Strikes."

This seems like such a simple instruction, yet so important when training over an extended time. This becomes so crucial when taking a test. Breathing can control your pace, reduce your stress, reduce nervousness when taking a test. As you progress in karate, you need to perform more kata. Learning to breathe properly helps your overall endurance.

Try a few of these simple exercises on breathing endurance with your karate training.

1. Pick any blocking technique of your choice. Have a timer handy. Set it for a minimum of 10 minutes. Start on one end of the deck. Now practice your blocking technique while walking back and forth. When you reach one end of the dojo, turn with the technique, and head the other direction. Keep doing this over and over again until the timer ends.
2. Pick any striking technique of your choice. repeat the procedure mentioned above.

Now begin to focus how your body begins to control its breathing. You may vary the pace of your techniques. But as time progresses, the breathing now becomes such a vital part of the training. Breathe in on blocks. Exhale on Strikes.

Visualize an Olympic swimmer who is doing laps in a pool. They swim back and forth. When they reach one end of the pool, they turn and continue the other direction. Their breathing becomes crucial. Their breathing becomes in harmony with their techniques.

Arigato gozaimasu,

Sensei Lorenzo Aguon

Ueshiro Hawaii Karate Dojo