Kyoshi's Technique of the Week

Technique of the Week (October 24th, 2004)

From Barnes Sensei, Bushi Dojo
Santa Monica CA.


(Chest knife-hand strike)

This strike is used to slash the opponent's neck
as in Fukyugata II (page 77 Fig 31) Essence of Okinawan Karate- Do

This is one of the great strikes of Matsubayashi-ryu.
Take the striking hand back as you would in Chudan soto-shuto-uke
and then raise the elbow an inch and pull the tips of the fingers back
almost squeezing it back a bit.
(imagine pulling the string of a bow and arrow back just a little bit more)
then release with fierce accuracy, allow the elbow to lead as if to catch
the chin if the opponent's if he somehow got in quicker than anticipated.
Then we must refer to page 76 Shuto-uchi (Knife-hand strike)
This formed by stretching the four fingers, jointed tightly,
and pressing the thumb, bent at the first joint, to root of forefinger.
and finally let's not forget where this all starts
Soto-Hachiji Shizentai-dachi (Open-leg natural stance)
the distance of the feet is the same width of the shoulders.
and Ah Yes! "koshi o ireru" "putting in the hip"

While warming up try some repitions of this from the standing position
getting that whipping motion and listen for the cracking of air, I have not
heard it yet, but then again, I'm not done trying !

Arigato Hanshi, Kyoshi's and all fellow deshi
Barnes Sensei
Bushi Dojo
Santa Monica CA.