Thought For The Week

Thought for the Week (October 30th 2000)
Joe Knight
East Meets West Karate Club 

Centerville, Va.



The lifelong commitment to the diligent practice of karate has a continuing transforming effect on the individual student.

Fear & timidity are exposed and defeated by first confronting, and then "pushing through" perceived physical and mental boundaries by utilizing
un-tapped resources of courage & spirit within.

Selfishness, and ego are exposed and defeated as the student "lets go" of any thought that there is a "finish line" to the marathon-what lies ahead is a
lifetime of "pushing through" boundaries.

With diligent training we should be able to see the results these transformations are bringing to our lives every day- both on and off the deck.

Do not let the transformation stagnate- Keep Moving Forward!

Joe Knight
EMW Karate Club Of Northern Va.