Thought For The Week
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"Just Do It!"

Dale Adamson, Naples Karate Club

"Just do it" is phrase often heard in the Merritt Island dojo. I have also heard this phrase in reference to sporting good ads on TV. When I hear the phrase "Just do it" I am reminded of a MI February promotional. I was a Yon- kyu, and not testing, therefore I was invited to participate in a demonstration with the other greenbelts. When it came to Kata Pinan yondan (a kata I had studied maybe one time) I attempted to bow out. Sensei MacKay- being ever so observant- asked me where I was going. I explained that I was just learning the kata and did not think I could do it. Sensei MacKay replied " This is as good as any time to learn it, just do it. So I joined the other greenbelts, demonstrated the kata with mistakes, but I got through it. Sensei MacKay did excuse me from demonstrating the nest kata (Pinan godan), but the demonstration was not the kata, it was simply that there is no excuse for not trying.

Most of the time I train by myself. I schedule a workout every Tuesday evening, Saturday afternoon with the kids. I also try to do a morning workout before going to work. It is real easy for me to find excuses not to train and the phrase and thought" Just do it" reminds how easy it is to get up and train. By all means if you have a dojo, a garage dojo or just a favorite place to train; use these facilities. But you can workout anywhere, anytime and anyplace. We need no equipment but kata. People may watch you, but no one will bother you. My best training partner is my makiwara. Many techniques including 3 point arm training can be done with the makiwara. So when you have those occasional weak moments to skip training, Don't skip it- that's when you need it the most. JUST DO IT.