Thought For The Week
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"Picture Yourself In A Clean White Gi"

Sensei Judy, Okinawan Karate Dojo

The way we present ourself to the world is extremely important to the warrior. Our choice of stationery, clothing and posture say much more than the words we speak.

The focus of this weeks thought has to do with your uniform:
#1 Consider others and wear a clean uniform!
#2 Sleeves and pant-legs the proper length (SHORT!)
#3 No labels.
#4 Special uniform for demonstrations and promotions.
#5 Obi tied properly
#6 Women's lapels sewed or fastened with safety pin.

This week I will have a seam ripper in the office and encourage all my new deshi to remove labels from their belts and lapels.

Of course our uniform may be a little worn from working out at 100% speed and power, but there is no excuse for Gi's that are sloppy looking. Karate is not about weak and sloppy, Karate is about showing strength and making a strong impression. A projection of strength has to start somewhere. If we show it on the outside with good posture and a "clean white Gi", we start to feel it on the inside...but it has to start somewhere.

Sensei Judy
Okinawan Karate Dojo