Kyoshi's Technique of the Week

November 18th 2012

Tamir Sensei Denshi-Shihan Ueshiro Neve [Oasis] Karate Dojo
Neve Yamin, Israel

Working with a Training Partner

This week, renew efforts to work with a training partner. Make arrangements with one of your co-deshi/sempai to meet at the dojo at least 15 minutes before class starts, and train together to reinforce one another. You may also do this at least 15 minutes after class.

My top ten joint partner exercises are:

stretching exercises (e.g., leg stretch on your partner's shoulder)
strengthening exercises (e.g., sit-ups face to face with your legs entwined)
targeting/makiwara exercises (i.e., one partner holding/moving the makiwara target for the other)
oyo-tanren [all basic techniques exercise] with the partner striking/blocking the other
kata (perhaps mirror image to one another)
bunkai [application] of the kata
yakusoku kumite [pre-arraged fighting] right and left handed and mix and match
tandren kumite (e.g., three point arm training, high-low, block-strike-punch)
one strike kumite (i.e., from yame one partner strikes and the other shifts and/or blocks and strikes back)
rehearsing a choreographed demonstration for some future karate event

You are encouraged to ask your Sensei/instructor to help you both better learn any of these joint exercises.

Sharpen your "weapons" together. But, take extreme care to make your partner look good and feel good. Do not hurt/injure one another. "Watch each other's back."

Keep training.

Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

Tamir Sensei

Ueshiro Neve [Oasis] Karate Dojo
Neve Yamin, Israel

Ueshiro Shorin-Ryu Karate USA
Under the Direction of Hanshi Scaglione