Thought For The Week

Thought for the Week (November 27th 2000)
Sensei Chris Barnes

Bushi Dojo, Los Angeles, California.



With all the division in our country today, I would like to quote from a wonderful book. ZEN LESSONS, The Art of Leadership.

Safety in the Community / Making a Community Flourish
"Assembly Chief Yin said to Wanan"......
One who is a teacher should cleanse mind and heart, and receive people from all quarters with utmost impartiality and uprightness.
If there is one among them who embraces the Way and is virtuous, humane,
and just, you should advance that person even if there is enmity between you.
And if there is anyone who is a crooked misanthrope, you must put that person at a distance even if you are privately indebted to the person.
This will cause everyone who comes there to know what to stand by, so all are of one mind, with the same virtue.
"Then the Community is Safe"
Few are the leaders who can succeed in making a community flourish. This is because most of them forget and virtue and give up benevolence and duty,
abandoning the regulations of the Dharma and going by their personal feelings.
Sincerely considering the decline and disappearance of spiritual schools, one should make oneself true yet humble to others, pick out wise and good
mutual assistance, be distant from petty people, for those whom you employ as assistance, retain those who are more mature, and keep away the
opportunistic flatterers. The value of this is that there will be no slander
of corruption, and no disruption by factionalism.
"Forest of Wisdom Collection."

-Let Us All Cherish Our SRKUSA Community and Leadership.
-Dimpled Chads and All

Arigato, blessed holidays to all.
Sincerely, Sensei Barnes, Bushi Dojo, Los Angeles, California.
Member Shorin-Ryu Karate U.S.A., Under the direction of 
Grand Master Ansei Ueshiro.