Kyoshi's Technique of the Week

December 1st, 2013

From Sensei Neff, Yon Dan, Ueshiro Midtown Karate Dojo

- Ueshiro Karate Club of Brooklyn -Summer at St. Bart’s

Work Both Right & Left Sides Equally

Onegai Shimasu Hanshi, Kyoshi, Sensei and fellow Deshi,

When practicing Yakusoku Kumite (pre-arranged fighting) one should practice both right and left sides equally. While one learns these exercises right handed to begin, with the left side is introduced shortly thereafter. Once a student is doing the exercise on both sides they should practice them equally.

It is important for us to develop both sides of our body equally. Often the less dominant side is neglected. It is important for us not to allow this to happen. To see how one- sided we are try doing everyday tasks with your non-dominant hand. Examples include brushing your teeth or eating. You will be surprised by how unnatural it feels (unless, or course, you practice doing this regularly or are ambidextrous!)

Black belts performing kata Rohai should also consider working the kata’s mirror image to develop left sided blocks, kicks and strikes.

Balance is an important goal in all we do. Practicing both right and left sides will bring us that much closer.

Domo Arigato Gozaimasu-

Sensei Neff, Yon Dan