Thought For The Week

Thought for the Week (December 15th, 2003)

From Sensei Chris Barnes,Denshi/Shihan

Bushi Ueshiro Dojo Santa Monica, CA



Hanshi, right before a test always say's : "You've done the work,
you've trained for this day , now let it go. This is called Mu.
or mushin which literally means nothing or No - Thing.

Please , this is not a "thought" for the week, it is a technique.
On Lott Senseis' recommendation I too went to see "The Last Samurai"
during a kumite a young samurai runs to the American soldier
and say's you think too much...try nothing, think no-thing.

When we do kata full speed and power let's employ the technique
of mu, we have done the work up to that point , let go and let Mu.

Mumon, the compiler of "Gateless Gate", said "In order to master Zen, you
past the barrier of the patriarchs. To attain this subtle realization, you
must completely cut off the way of thinking. What is the barrier of the
patriarchs ? It is the single word , Mu. That is the front gate to Zen.

Arigato Hanshi.
Barnes Sensei.
Bushi Ueshiro Dojo
Santa Monica, CA