Thought For The Week

Thought for the Week (December 16th, 2002)

From Keith Eng Sho Dan
Wilton Karate Club



Hanshi, Kyoshi, Shihans, Sensei and Deshi, Onegai-shimasu!

Every attack and defense in our katas are reactions to an unseen opponent.
The bun-kai exercise is the practical application of the kata's movements to
an actual opponent. The logical progression of learning kata is first being
able to perform a kata with proficiency, and then learning the appropriate
bun-kai. Initially, the bun-kai should be practiced slowly with the speed
and intensity gradually increasing. At the highest proficiency both those
performing the kata and bun-kai will be practicing at full speed and power
without injuring one another. The bun-kai tempo and technique can be
altered to changed the exercise and difficulty level.

Keith Eng
Sho Dan
AIG Wilton Karate Club