Thought For The Week

Thought for the Week (December 24th, 2002)

From The Pine Forest Karate Dojo Florence, MA

Dear Fellow Karateka:

The Pine Forest Karate Dojo would like to reach out to each and every one
of you during this special season and express our shared appreciation for
the truly important things in life ? our families, our friends, our health,
and our freedom to practice the martial way.

Frequently we reflect upon things our parents used to say to us, and one
piece of advice you may recall is the need to keep life in balance by
putting what is most important first.

During the holiday season, we're all likely to be somewhat overwhelmed by
the Madison Avenue version of gladness and joy. The real life
contradictions we see or experience daily can be sobering and even
frightening. Daily news of terrorism, hunger, fear and distress can crowd
out our own realities or worse still, reinforce a sense of powerlessness.

It's at just such times as these that we need to reaffirm what matters
most. As a society we have the will, wisdom and resources to demonstrate
the power of respect, sensitivity, awareness and understanding in advancing
world peace. As karateka, we convey this spirit through our actions &
reactions (by our words & our deeds).

During these next few weeks ? as you hopefully get to spend more quality
time with our families, rekindle friendships with old acquaintances and
recharge our emotional batteries ? our hope is for each and every member of
the Shorin Ryu Karate USA system is that as you prepare for 2003 you
embrace those nearest to you, hold them tight in your hearts and feel the
true glow of the season. May 2003 bring you many more opportunities to
train in the way of Shorin Ryu Karate.

Best wishes for a healthy, happy Holiday Season and New Year.

Kurisumasu omedeto, shinnen omedeto gozaimasu
Pine Forest Karate Dojo